One Village One TV of YINGOS Charity’s

Yunnan International Non-Government Organization Society (YINGOS) donated TV with the plan of donation TV to each village; they have donated total 120 villages in Shan State which is very unique.

They donated TV as well as solar, Skynet satellite with 3 year services for the rural people to get easily the external information. In this donation Shwe Than Lwin family also supported.

YINGOS organisation was legally established in Yunnan Province in 1993.They aim to “Care the Weak to Change”, they have implemented 8 charity projects in Myanmar since 2014, which included“Health promotion project in Muse”, “One Village One TV project”, and “Safe Drinking Water project” in Muse Shan State.

Without neglecting the health of rural children, YINGOS have performed as follow; reforming the environment of the hospital and changing medical needs. To be able to drink safety water in school compound YINGOS also donated a water purifier.

The origination also helped to promote the health of people in Muse city, by collaboration with Muse city of Health department, Material and child development center. It was a goal of YINGOS.

In addition, according to the plan of “One TV One Monastic Education School” project in Yangon, they have donated total 234 TV to each monastic education schools it is included one TV, Skynet with 3 year services and it collaborated with Yangon Nobel Language Center. YINGOS always show respect and kind to Myanmar nuns, monk and orphan school.

YINGOS also donated the total amount of (200,000 Yuan) to the villager for the new construction of industrial and trade association as a help for industrial promotion. Donated TV, Satellite, Video recorder, voltage stabiliser, books, book shelf, newspaper shelf, and table to the rural libraries, and also provide a training section to the villager for upgrade the agricultural sector, and promote manufacturing with high technology.

YINGOS plan to have different charities to perform in the future. It will continue their Philanthropic journey, and base on the needs of Myanmar People.

October 10, 2018

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